Dark Knight Slot game

The Dark Knight Slot game will arrive at the end of this month; this is one of the most exciting online slot games of the year. The game will feature graphics from the Dark Knight movies and a few extra bonus features to make the game more exciting. There will not be a Dark Knight Slot free online play due to some of the features of the game.

Progressive Jackpot

The Dark Knight will be a progressive bonus slot game and this is one of the reasons that there will be no slot free online play. Progressive games cannot be played in free play due to the progressive bonus, a progressive bonus is a jackpot that is always growing and in the Dark Knight Slot game the mega jackpot will start growing at one million. There will be three other progressive jackpots in the game. One the game has been adapted from the progressive jackpot players will be able to enjoy The Dark Knight Slot free online play.

Dark Knight Slot game

Cinematic Spins

The Dark Knight Slot game will also feature cinematic spins this is a great new feature only seen in The Lord of the Rings slot game. The Lord of the Rings slot game has been adapted to free online play so I am sure once The Dark Knight slot has been adapted the cinematic spins feature will stay. Cinematic spins are when the player presses spin and the reels fade away to reveal a clip from one of the Dark Knight movies. This is an excellent way to include players in the theme of the game and cement The Dark Knight feel to the slot game.

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Dark Knight Slot game

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